ZiBear is an intelligent, robotic teddy bear that will answer questions, say, do and sing anything you'd like, all using your smartphone.

ZiBear is a brand new smart toy, packed with tech that will bring hours of fun for you and your children.

  • ZiBear talks! But there's no limit on what ZiBear can say. You can use pre-defined phrases or add your own!
  • Sing along with ZiBear. Choose any song and ZiBear will play the music just like a Bluetooth speaker
  • Storytime is even better with ZiBear. Choose from one of the stories, or add your own and ZiBear will read for you!
  • ZiBear is smart! ZiBear can answer questions by connecting to our cloud servers and grabbing information on all sorts of great topics
  • Safety first! With ZiBear you're in control of what can be done and said at all times
  • Quizzes and Games! Learn, play and have fun by making your own quizzes. ZiBear can ask as many questions as you'd like!

How does it work?

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

ZiBear connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via bluetooth. ZiBear will say, do and sing anything you'd like, using content you've created yourself, or that you've downloaded from our store.

Why did we make ZiBear?

We wanted to bring some magic back to traditional children's toys. We all remember imagining that our toys came to life when we weren't looking. Now they really do!

What can ZiBear do?

ZiBear can talk to you and listen to what you say back. You can make ZiBear say anything you'd like, and even better, you can customise what ZiBear says when you ask it a particular question! Endless fun, but great if you want to practise words with your children or even help them study!

ZiBear will talk to you and listed to what you say

Let's get quizzical!

You can create your own quizzes with ZiBear. You just add your questions and answers and ZiBear will know if it's the correct answer. Simple, brilliant fun and games.

ZiBear will play completely customisable quizzes

Sing and Dance

ZiBear can play any song or piece of music you have in your phone, just like a bluetooth speaker so you can sing and dance along to all your favourite tunes!

ZiBear will play and sing songs for you


Download stories, or add in your own and ZiBear will read the whole thing for you.

ZiBear will read stories to you

Even more

ZiBear can even connect to the internet and answer questions intelligently if you let it. You're completely in control of everything ZiBear can say and do so you can turn this feature on and off as you want it.

Who are we?

We're ZettaSense; a new startup based in London. We take an innovative approach to developing products and applications that push the limits of what's possible, and change the way we think about technology.

Development status

We have ZiBear almost completely ready to deliver. There are some minor improvements we need to make to ZiBear (better microphone, up to 0.5 meters) and the mobile apps (testing on more android versions and phones), but other than that we have a working bear!

The app will be published in both Google Play and iTunes App Store for download once the campaign is successful.

We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for ZiBear and the apps. We'll do our best to add any outstanding features.

How will the funds be used?

We need to manufacture a relatively large amount of ZiBears in order to deliver the right quality, at the right price. We've developed a great relationship with one of the best manufacturers in China, who have more than 20 years experience in this area, and we're very happy that they can meet our requirements. All funds raised will go towards this initial order. If we don't meet the campaign goal then all funds will be returned.

Have any questions for us?

We'd love to hear from you! You can email us at info@zibear.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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